Creating cocoons of wellness

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Transform your living spaces
with simplicity and authenticity.

Re-enchant your living spaces, and give them a renewed energy.

​Declutter the superfluous, furnish your space with the essential, your precious items, those which move you and which bring you joy.

​I will support you with kindness and precision in this transformation and will guide you through an intuitive and unique decoration.


Create your cocoon in your own style, with simplicity and authenticity, and enjoy your well-being in your home sweet home. 

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Make your Heart and Spirit vibrate as one.

Welcome the silence, noble and healing, and let it enter our so often noisy and agitated lives. Dare to stop, to pause oneself and leave space for the unknown, the imperceptible. Give a voice to the subtle worlds and intuitions.

​I offer harmonisations and meditations, in movement or static, in order to help you remedy yourself, reconnect yourself between Earth and Sky, to reawaken your Intuition and to reconnect to your Soul.

​Rediscover your path, with simplicity and authenticity, and become radiant for Yourself and Yours.


Give permission to your body and spaces to enhance their vitality.

Giving voice to your body and your places of life by allowing them to free themselves from their knots, and to find a total fluidity.


I offer energetic treatments, at distance or in person, so that your body &/or your living spaces become your best allies, recovering flexibility, movement, alignment & well-being.


Rebalancing, dissolving, bringing healthy vibrations in order to radiate Joy and Harmony.

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