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Breath and radiate in your Circles of Life

une decoration simple et intuitive, pour les accompagnements Live & Bloom
pictogramme Live & Bloom


Caring your life spaces

With LIVE & BLOOM, I guide you with kindness and fairness to re-enchant your living spaces and give them a new breathe. 


All my consultations start with a screening of your living space. I suggest simple and efficient options for transformation, in order to remove the superfluous, to enhance it with the essential & to embellish it with delicate, intuitive and unique touches in accordance with your energy and your essence. 


I also invite you to become aware of the energies residing in your home, and to transform them when they no longer serve you, so that your cocoon becomes a space of Beauty and Well-being for you and your tribe.

Live & Bloom, un accompagnement personnalisé pour apporter de l'harmonie dans votre intérieur.
pictogramme Work & Bloom


Caring your projects & business

With WORK & BLOOM program, I have developed an innovative "business care", with the aim of guiding you to create or rediscover a beautiful alignment in your professional projects and in your business. 


I offer tailor-made support, either on-site or remotely, to help you unravel and release the interferences that are slowing down your success.


Thanks to this "business care", you will rediscover the "flow" and dream energy, and each of your professional projects will be magnified by your imprint and your soul.


Work & Bloom, un accompagnement personnalise pour prendre soin de ton business,
pictogramme Be & Bloom


Caring your body & heart

With BE & BLOOM healings & guidance, I invite you to listen to your heart and become aware of your energy field, in order to help you to be in Harmony, to awaken your Intuition and to (re)connect to your Soul. 


I offer you energetic healings, emotional massages, harmonization & guidance,  intuitive dance & movement, so that you can regain your vitality and alignment, and become joyful and radiant, within yourself and around you.


Be & Bloom, des soins énergétiques pour prendre soin de votre coeur et de votre corps
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