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your living spaces


Each project begins with a reading of your living or working space,

in order to feel the energies, the clutter, the densities, the blockages...

This reading can be done by a real or virtual visit, of a room or the whole place. 

It is followed by a more personal questionnaire

and results in a written proposal.


Following this reading, listening to your desires and needs

we decide what priorities to choose and what concrete actions to undertake

in order to create more well-being in your place.

The stages of the transformation are :


You will feel how good it is to live in a transformed space, adjusted to your current life, needs and desires.  How much feeling good at home or in the workplace transforms your individual energy

and that of your tribe, family or professional.

You will feel the awakening of your joy, your vitality and your creativity. 



This transformation is a real tool for personal development, which will have a deep impact on your body, your heart and your mind. It is a very concrete step of connection, a contribution to more clarity, an increase in your inner vibrations, and an invitation to welcome resonant frequencies around you. 


After each transformation, realise what you have let go of clutter, objects, attachments, blockages, fears, anger, and celebrate the space you have created to welcome a beautiful renewal. 



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