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Re-enchant your living spaces


Living in a transformed space, adjusted to one's life at the moment, 

awakens joy and vitality.

Each project begins with a diagnostic or a reading of your living space,

in order to feel the clutter and the fluid areas, and its energy.

This reading can be done by a real or virtual visit, of a room or the whole place. 


Following this reading, listening to your desires and needs

we decide what priorities to choose and what concrete actions to undertake

in order to create more well-being in your place.



20191001_MUSKHANE_LES ORMES_CHAMBRE EMMA_341_©MaevaDelacroix_crediter_edited_edited_edited

After each transformation, we will review

what you have gained and what you have left behind. 

Then we will celebrate together the space you have created

to welcome renewal.



I can work remotely.

I advise for this option to work room by room.

You provide me with photos and videos of your room, which allow me to do a first reading, and then we organise remote coaching sessions, via Zoom or What's app, in order to guide you through the transformation. 


The duration of the project and its cost will be established

after the reading of the Place.


In this option, the Reading of the Place is done on-site, so that I can feel the energy of the room / place and your desire of transformation. 

Then we organize a remote coaching, via Zoom or What's app to guide you step by step in the progress of the transformation. 

I plan a closing session in presence and an energetic healing of the place.


The duration of the project and its cost will be established 

after the reading of the Place.


In this formula, I guide you from A to Z and the transformation is condensed into a defined number of days. 

The stages of sorting, tidying, fitting out and

and embellishment are carried out in tandem.


The duration of the project and its cost will be established after reading the place.

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