My Home is my Ôm

"My House is my Soul"



I propose  personalized

counseling to enhance the Beauty

and Wellness of your living spaces,

that reflects your Soul.


Make your Heart

and Spirit vibrate

as one


Create Cocoons

of Serenity in your



Heal the Energy

of your Body

& your living Spaces


Holistic Care of your Place

Each project starts with a reading of your place - of Life or Work - in order to feel the Energies and the possible blockages. This reading can be done by a real or virtual visit. It is accompanied by a more personal questionnaire and takes the form of a written assessment.


Then, listening to your desires and needs, we decide which priorities to choose and which concrete actions to take to create more wellness in your cocoon.


Convinced that Body, Heart and Home are intimately linked, I propose a varied palette of tools and treatments.


Thus, together, we will transform your place with simplicity, gentleness, and in respect with your personality.



« Travelling Soul,

Creator of Harmony,

Healing Hands.

Since my twenties,

I’ve been guided by my dreams. They’ve driven me towards

places of Awakening, places connected to the Essential.»