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Revealing the Beauty
of Places & Beings  

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Valérie Maille Billot


Since my twenties,  I’ve been guided by my dreams. They’ve driven me towards places of awakening, connected to the Essential. Right in the heart of the African bush, or in the foothills of the Himalayas, each time the same sensation of serenity; that of being connected to Everything, surrounded by beauty and by authenticity.

In these faraway places where I lived, I received teachings of a phenomenal richness. In my way, with my heart and my intuition, I pass along these priceless treasures.

In Nepal, I focus on spontaneous joy, simplicity, spiritual and living energy that are present in every moment of life. It is with this vision that I co-founded MUSKHANE, a soft and poetic universe for the home: objects handcrafted with conscience and respect. Today, the brand travels all over the world and transmits a unique, soft and vibrant energy. 


Then, after 15 years in Nepal, I am privileged to be associated to a textile project in Bhutan with passionate and inspiring women. There, the authentic beauty of the places, the landscapes, the Men and Women, & the exceptional Know-How touch my heart.


It is on this path that I progressively feel the need to combine further all that makes me vibrate. The idea of a project dedicated to people and their environment slowly took shape and became obvious: BLOOMcircles became a reality. Revealing the Beauty of Places and Beings is its raison d'être.



My Skills & Expertise


  • Creator & Artistic Director of the interior design label MUSKHANE, Nepal & France, since 2003.

  • Marketing & design Consultant for the ITC & Bhutan Textiles Collective, Collection Home Textiles, France & Bhutan, since March 2019


  • SHIATSU massage course, Nepal 2001

  • Ayurvedic massage course, Nepal 2009

  • Californian massage course, France 2020

  • Reiki course levels 1 and 2, Népal 2003

  • Pranic Healing course, Nepal, 2008, 2009


  • VIPASSANA meditation, Nepal 2000, 2001, 2009

  • Pur & Lux Hyperconscious Coaching, France 2019

  • Pur & Lux Shamanic Journeys, France 2020

  • Co-host of Pur & Lux Circles Shamanic Journeys, France, since april 2021