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Creating Breathing

& Harmony
in your Life


MUSKHANE_AH23_©Maeva Delacroix_0942_edited_edited.png

Valérie Maille Billot

❊   Harmony Designer


For many years, I thought that my extreme sensitivity was a handicap. It regularly plunged me into states of sadness, vulnerability, stress and anger, and drove me to isolate myself in my own world. I observed and 'took it in', but couldn't express what was tormenting me.  

I had the feeling I was running out of air.


Then one day, at the dawn of my 21st birthday, I felt the need to come out of my shell and breathe the world.

I went first far away, and then for a long time. 


My first journey was to Africa, where I spent a year in the heart of the Gabonese forest. It was an amazing experience. I always say that it was my baptism of life. 


My second one was in India and then Nepal.  It was an Evidence. I lived there for 15 years and gave birth to two of the greatest projects of my life: my family and a company I'm proud of, MUSKHANE.


Back in France, I was invited to visit other lands: associated with a project in Bhutan for 4 years, then more recently with Myanmar, I accompanied and created textiles collections with marvellous women, weavers of Beauty.

In all these remote and authentic places, I started to breathe better. I discovered other ways of thinking, of relating to the world, other beliefs. I learned, I received, I listened, and I was transformed by the process.

More precisely, I found myself again, 


I also realised that this sensitivity was my best ally, my natural GPS, leading me towards my intuition and my "sacred" breath.

Today, I have this contagious desire to share and guide, with gentleness and clarity, on this path to alignment and harmony. Towards your own pure breath.

portrait de Valérie Maille Billot, créatrice de Muskhane et fondatrice de Bloom



  • Regional Director, Handicap International / India, Nepal, Bangladesh, 1997 - 2000

  • Co-founder, Designer & Artistic Director of MUSKHANE / Nepal & France, 2003 - 2022

  • Marketing & Design Consultant for ITC & Bhutan Textiles / France & Bhutan,  2019 - 2022

  • Co-host of PUR LUX transmission / France, since april 2021


  • IDRAC, Business School /  France 1987-1991

  • Massage courses, Shiatsu /  Nepal 2001, Ayurveda / Nepal 2009, Californian / France 2020.

  • Reiki course levels 1 and 2 / Nepal 2001, 2009

  • Pranic Healing course / Nepal, 2010, 2011

  • Vipassana meditation / Nepal 2000, 2001, 2003

  • Pur Lux Hyperconscious Coaching - France 2019

  • Pur Lux Shamanic Journeys / France 2022


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