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Revealing your Light
& creating Beauty in
all your Life's Circles.


Valérie Maille Billot

On the African earth as well as in the Himalayan heights, I understand how a place can have an immense impact on one's state of being.


I experience the power of vibrant colours, the radiance of rituals on the spirit, the benefits of intense light on the body, the power of Nature, the extraordinary benefit of generous smiles and life energy, and so much more. All these treasures bring me each time the feeling of being where I belong, serene, creative and enthusiastic.


It is in Nepal, in this magical and abundant atmosphere, that I co-create MUSKHANE, a soft, poetic and organic decoration universe, with this impulse to bring back in our living and working places, the softness of these sacred spaces. Today, the brand's products travel all over the world and bring a vibrant and joyful energy to Western interiors.


Wishing to explore further the power of the links between the soul of objects, beings and their living spaces, I am privileged to be associated with a unique project in a unique place: Bhutan. Even closer to an authentic humanity, I work alongside designers and weavers. Together, through BHUTAN TEXTILES, we reinvent textiles rich of stories and know-how, creating new bridges between our worlds.we re-invent textiles rich in stories and know-how, creating new bridges between our worlds.


Then, along the way, I have the great privilege and joy to follow PUR LUX's transmission, "Medicine Woman". The teachings and the practice are deeply transformative. In a few months, everything takes sense and comes into place. Filled with these wonderful experiences, I decide to found BLOOM, with the strong desire to help women & men reveal their light & create spaces of harmony and beauty in all the circles of their lives.


My Skills & Expertise


✦ Co-founder & Artistic Director of the interior design label MUSKHANE, Nepal & France, 2003 - 2022

✦ Marketing & design Consultant for the ITC & Bhutan Textiles Collective, Collection Home Textiles, France & Bhutan,  2019 - 2022


✦ Shiatsu massage course, Nepal 2001

✦ Ayurvedic massage course, Nepal 2009

✦ Californian massage course, France 2020

✦ Reiki course levels 1 and 2, Népal 2003

✦ Pranic Healing course, Nepal, 2008, 2009


✦ Vipassana meditation, Nepal 2000, 2001, 2003

✦ Pur Lux Hyperconscious Coaching, France 2019

✦ Pur Lux Shamanic Journeys, France 2020

✦ Co-host of Pur Lux Circles Shamanic Journeys, France, since april 2021

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