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Home Transformation


"For me, managing to take care of the decoration and interior of my house is a source of pressure and stress because I have to respect everyone's tastes, their living space too, and the general harmony.

I love beautiful things but there is also a lot of choice and not much time to select well.

Valerie has the fingers and eyes of a fairy. She knew right away how to adjust the atmosphere and the elements that corresponded to our expectations. She is deeply connected to people and it's not just about objects or furniture with her, it's an entire cocoon that she reanimates, rearranges. Itis a very beautiful experience.

She presents with great efficiency, she coaches, she listens, suggests, readjusts with flexibility. Shealso helps with purchases. She is very present and was able to reassure us in moments of great doubt.

We are delighted with the transformation. The space as it is today brings a lot of harmony, freshness and poetry. The circulation is more fluid, airy and we feel cocooned. It's unanimous, even though we have very different personalities in the family. It was a big challenge!"


Energetic Healing

"I felt in a bubble and "taken care of" during this healing. The environment was soothing, the treatment filled with gentleness.

Valerie has an innate ability to soothe, combined with a wealth ofknowledge gained from her life's journey, travels & connections with other cultures.

After this treatment, I felt good, calm and at peace. It complem-ented other steps taken to help me out of a state of crisis."




Room Transformation

"I liked and recommend the calm and professionalism of the process. Being heard, exchange of photos of current situation vs proposed solution, the finer details of measuring and adjusting to reach the optimal solution as well as the variety of shops and models to choose from.

I feel relief, satisfied and happy. Project was undertaken during COVID period almost enterily done by email, video and/or web applications. All purchases done online and no visit to stores. This was a great risk but a pleasant surprise. Like everyone else, we were not traveling and spent our surplus budget in interior renovation.


Valerie’s experience and knowledge of sound suppliers and diverse stores guided us and certainly adds value to the process, greatly reducing the amountof time and visits it would take us to compose a final draft. Definitely recommend and definitely worth the money."