Felipe * Bedroom transformation

I liked and recommend the calm and professionalism of the process. Being heard, exchange of photos of current situation vs proposed solution, the finer details of measuring and adjusting to reach the optimal solution as well as the variety of shops and models to choose from.

I feel relief, satisfied and happy. Project was undertaken during COVID period almost enterily done by email, video and/or web applications. All purchases done online and no visit to stores. This was a great risk but a pleasant surprise. Like everyone else, we were not traveling and spent our surplus budget in interior renovation. Valerie’s experience and knowledge of sound suppliers and diverse stores guided us and certainly adds value to the process, greatly reducing the amount of time and visits it would take us to compose a final draft. Definitely recommend and definitely worth the money.

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For me, managing to take care of the decoration and interior of my house is a source of pressure and stress because I have to respect everyone's tastes, their living space too, and the general harmony

I felt in a bubble and "taken care of" during this massage. The environment was soothing, and the treatment filled with gentleness. Valerie has an innate ability to soothe, combined with a wealth of k